by Aerial

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Revivolution, (produced entirely by Freekwenzy) is a fast paced ride through the city with the windows down and your thinking caps on. Futuristic and soulful, Freekwenzy’s heavy Electro influenced production and Aerial’s verbal acrobatics combine to give listeners a glimpse into the next sound evolution of West Coast underground music. His first single, Check My Resume, serves as a personal introduction to the 21 year old Phenom. Gritty, chopped bars aggressively melted over some new school boom bap, Check My Resume manages to ‘bring it back’ while simultaneously pushing the art of rap forward.


released September 8, 2014

Prod. by Freekwenzy
Recorded @athestudy



all rights reserved


Aerial Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Legend
Once upon a time not long ago,
Where we grew up fast but we lived life slow
Stood a kid with no dreams and no where to go
Just a pocket full of lint and some stains on his clothes
Outside looking In I guess you'd never know
The kinda things he could be when he started to grow
Prolly turn him to criminal you fill him with dope
Prolly turn into to dreamer if you fill him with hope
Kinda funny what you see when you look through a scope
You could prolly see his problems but you cant see him cope
Yeah you Say you wanna help him but don't risk getting close
Why tell him it's a cold world when you can give him a coat
Either way this kid had incredible soul
He Grew up to be rapper at 20 years old
Even as a kid yeah he had a head full of flows
But they would tell em ain't no way you ever reaching that goal
So he just focused on his education
But he ain't really have no motivation
Pushed through high school and graduation
Then sat back like Damn glad I made it
College was next but he hesitated
Felt like that was too complicated
Following motivating conversations
He decided rapping was the best sensation
Went bar for bar with all his competition
Realized competition really never existed
Spit on some beats that he got from Vincent
And they both knew that their only future was winning
That was a match that was made in an instant
Overtimeq their skill grew and they got down to business
Every body with em just became like a witness
And people against them, had turned into victims
They had vision, and they had wisdom,
And they had support from people they had with them
Now their schemes they didn't seem like dreams
They came a long way from when their only future was prison
Cuz black kids ain't supposed to have no dreams
Black kids only sposed' to do bad things
The fact is we ain't do a Got Damn thing
That ain't already flowing in our own bloodstream
They want us to be black we did our thing
We the type of black inspired by Dr. King
They want us to be sheep so we can't think
Instead we're Shepards and we're leading a team
A team of beings that have desires
They got the drive and they got the fire
They been put down and they stepped on
The only thing they haven't been is inspired
Cuz the rappers on the radio don't fill em with hope
And the people who they look up to are only hoax
The generation that's before them only think their a joke
Instead of trying to fix it they just label it broke
They decide to be spectators instead of a coach
And then they wonder why the kids only know one approach
When they get stressed out they only do what they know
Take a shot of the vodka and then light up a roach

I guess we're the new generation of leaders
When just last year I was still looking for teachers
Now I'm on the podium just writing up speeches
Waiting for features and some new guest speakers
Hoping I ain't gotta teach on my own
It's impossible to start a revolution alone
But I'm up to the challenge if it takes too long
Cuz I ain't tryna sit and watch the evolution of clones
I feel like hip hop has become the problem
Cuz they be rapping like ain't nobody watching
I got nephews and I just saw one
He's 11 years old Singing Effing problem
That's the kind of stuff I don't like
You spreading these ideas when you go pick up the mic
I used to Think like them, Outta mind Outta Sight
Then when I started to write I'm thinking this ain't right
Cuz I can't talk about the money and hoes
Then come around my mom just praying she don't know
Then my Show my peers, And Then Show my bros,
And when my family ask about it act like I don't know
Yeah I wanna rock out a sold out show,
And hell yeah I wanna show the world that I got flow
But if I gotta tell my little nephew he can't go
Because I'm saying bad words then I fail as pro
I fail as an uncle and then again as a man
Because an artist is really only as good as his fans
I wanna show my cousins rap is more than poppin them bands
And what a normal man can do when he is given a chance
I understand what a role model means
It means these kids gon copy, monkey do monkey see
It means I'm setting an example for what kids should be
And I might influence someone That i may never meet
When I'm there you can call me a legend
When everybody is watching and you ain't making corrections
When the public eye is facing your direction
And you're the type of person that these people respecting
When Keeping it real is the way you are
And you can still be labeled as a superstar
When you travel the world, give all the thanks to god
And your family don't feel like you've gone to far
That's the type of legend I wanna be
I wanna show these little boys and girls that they can be free
They ain't gotta be the people they see on tv
And if they ever had a dream I'll show em it can be reached
I'm just tryna make a difference with my freedom of speech
Some people acting like its stupid cuz it's done to a beat
If I inspire a whole generation to lead
While getting them lose and moving they feet
then I can truly succeed
And I can do anything, That's the point I'm trying to prove
I'm saying my people can do whatever we want,
Only thing we can't do is lose
Never lose yourself to the world
Listen up boys and girls to yourself be true
Don't ever worry bout tryna impress someone else
Keep your head up high and do you
Track Name: The Vibe
Come Inside,
Welcome, you're now entering vibe
Aerial, Make the beat come alive
When the melody and my poetry collide
This here you cant see with your eyes
The rhythm of the drum Gets a shiver up your spine
The feeling like a killer is creeping up from behind
Get stabbed from my gab you feel it in every line
But I promise youll be fine
Just listen, pay attention to the rhyme
Trust me, it feels better if you're blind
Close the windows to your soul, and kick open your mind
Unfold your ears put ya lips in a bind,
Sing alongs are encouraged but talking has been declined
Stick close to me as we travel through time
And if you lose your mind then grab onto mine
Let's get on the move,
No time to replenish or recoup,
No time to be rallying the troops,
10-4 10 Hut, Root Root
Bumpy road, far from smooth
Twists and turns which way to choose,
Can't stop now, it's way too soon,
Push forward we've got nothing to lose!
This vibe is too strong
It's feels right, but it's wrong
Stay all night, If you want
It won't feel right when it's gone
So keep on playing this song,
If this goes off then it's on
You've been staying this long
This is where you belong
Don't stand, sit back down
You are now mesmerized by the sound
You're a slave to the beat like it bought you from the pound
You can try to get up but I got you on the ground,
upset the vibe and now it's shutting you down
Pitchforks and knives are chasing you out of town
Too short for this court, It's throwing you out of bounds
Dump your mind in the gutter where It'll never be found

You think you ready but no you ain't ready
I tried to Show you but no you ain't let me
I hear you saying that you think you ready
Trust me when I say that you ain't ready
Boy we vibing and the vibe is heavy
It got me flying, don't you try and get me,
I hear you saying that you think you ready,
Trust me when I say that you aint ready,

Help me help me, someone please,
I'm down here down on my knees
I'm hip hop and what I need
Is someone to relieve this wack rapper disease
They thinking they sick, I ain't hearing em sneeze
I'll give you all of my cheese, just tell these rappers to leave
They said they were real, I have been decieved
they all smothering me, making it hard to breathe

Well hip hop, you're hero has appeared
Have no fear cuz aerial is here
Got that audio-therapy for your ear
With this in tact, you fantasies will be real
You said you wanted something that you could feel,
That just takes a lyricist with that skill
You want food for thought? This fresh off the grill,
So please kiss the cook and enjoy your meal,
Dont trip though, I got the bill,
Don't act like, I'm not for real
You know my skill extra ILL
You know my ILL never heals
My flow, My shows, My Career
My bros, My Zone, My Appeal,
My lows, My highs, And my Vibe,
Got yall all hooked That's the deal
You want more? Or You need it
You need it, I succeeded
I told you I got crack music
I guess you just ain't believe it
And now my fans they be fiendish
They know I'm ILL and y'all squeamish
I laced my lines with some substance
And now they calling me genius
Track Name: Retro feat. 3di$on & Tais
So last night I realized something that was enlightening
I'm 20, and Nas wrote illmatic at 19
So what does that mean
For everything that I'm writing?
It means the bar was set real high, Now to some I'm sure that that's frightening
But to me it's little more of inspiring
Cuz that means, You'd be real foolish to take me lightly
You never know, I just might be
The next prodigy at rhyming
But I ain't in a rush for a signing
You know rap is all about timing
And I don't even really need a label
Because labels are like cable
Everything that they show you,
Is usually a fable
They tell you a little bit of something, but don't put everything on the table
Now you try to write something different
and then you find out you're not able
They say scrap that and make a dance song instead
Get a feature from souljah boy, and this wear this on your head
You end up with a video doing everything they said
And that there is the reason they say hip hop is dead
Hip hop ain't dead though, we just got a little bit smarter
We learned to promote our own sales, we just work a little bit harder
But i say it's all good though,
Cuz it's bout time that we oughta
Stop relying on the media to tell us how to sell our product

What happened to rapping?
It's a little bit too much dancing
Tell me where all the soul went?
And what they did with the passion
Ain't none on the radio
Does that mean that it's absent?
Naw hip hop's alive and well
Just depends on who you asking
Track Name: They Talking
Who the hell does he think he is?
Telling us how we sposed' to live
Telling me how to raise my kid
He judging us and I hate this shit
He don't know what I came up with
I'm 22 and my kid is 6
And he think cuz he aint got no chicks
He's better than me? That dude is sick
Tryna tell me how to succeed?
That's that stuff that do not need,
See I'm a different type of breed
Hold up let me hit this weed,
See I raise my seed
I put them shoes up on his feet
And I'm the one that buys food to eat
See i be up in streets,
Hustling and tryna push this tree
Moving kush and that sour D
Better pay than that hourly
Easier than a salary
In these streets I got power see
I'm a G and I'm proud to Be
Before cannabis clubs dog,
All these potheads surrounded me
And Avery think he can frown at me
From his pedestal he look down on me
See I ain't have both parents like him
It was my brother my mom and me,
Been that way since I was 3
He been spoiled and so lucky
He ain't never had to bust no heat
He's 20 something and ain't touch no Keys
He prolly mad cuz my girl fly
And his girl fake like Manti
He better stop worrying bout my life and Fix the trunk on his Hyundai aa
That's how I know he broke, Im bout my green like popeye
That's from work that's up on my stove, I ain't talking no pot pie

I'm a do me, and you can do you
Don't worry bout me cuz I worried bout you
They talking they talking
I'm a Christian ain't a secret,
They prolly think I'm preaching
Don't listen to my music If you think that you don't need it
They talking They they Talking

Yeah i feel you bro,
I can't stand him and his righteous flow
See man I'm a rapper too,
I be making all types of Dough
I be buying all types of clothes
laying down with all types of hoes
Rocking out at all types of shows
They loving me on that microphone
They just in to that party rap
I fill that roll so perfectly
Got a cup full of that purple drink
and a blunt filled with that purple weed
He tryna rap like lupe, I be rapping like Gucci
He tryna be like God or something, Im just tryna be tunechi
I take what I hear on the radio, imitate that, And get groupies
Matter fact you should try it too, It's easy as 1 2 3
I used to rap about booty, And late nights with these hoochies
But ever since I heard drake, I been singing like ooohwweeee
But Avery he aint even got no fans though
And He ain't even got no kinda cash flow
I'm telling you that conscious spit trash bro
Ain't nobody tryna hear that when they're smashed bro
You can take that garbage back to church
Let the professionals get back to work
Don't quit you're day job,
Just Stick to being a manager
He loser bro, At work is the only time he a boss
He be praying to the cross, He should start praying for bars
You only live only, He trying live for a cause
That dude is stupid, I'm tryna live for these broads
Track Name: Me Me Me
My life is too difficult,
I got homework due and it's critical
Not good at math I'm pitiful,
I flip decimals, and move reciprocals
You prolly thinking that's typical
But it's different though, I'm off schedule
I need a headline, I got deadlines, and I think I tanked my job interview
I feel like I should just quit life, no one gets me, Im Invisible
I wish that I could just go die, or go numb and be invincible
Life is stressing me, and its killing me, mentally and physical
I need some help, I'll try anything, even something that's biblical
Cuz I hit rock bottom
As you can see
But its just all my problems
iTs just Me Me Me!

Can I get the spotlight?
Can I get the cameras please?
Don't wanna talk about you,
I'm just talking bout Me Me Me
So let me get a close up,
Pay attention now eyes on me!
Everybody listen close cuz
I'm bout to talk about Me Me Me
Does that make me selfish?
Conceited as can be?
Well I just can't help it
Because its all about Me Me Me

This music stuff is so stressful
Can't these people see that I'm special
They dont listen up when I'm spitting stuff
Even If my lyrics are helpful
And I'm super single and lonely
Can't trust girls and some of my homies
They was talking smack right behind my back
I swear that rap is wack and so phony
Look in the Mirror see a lack in fitness
I'm getting fat, but my swag is endless
Come home late and my dad suspicious
Says I been sipping but I know I didn't
He's in my business
and then I get pissed
back and forth now
Like some tennis
Who's gon win this
When we're finished
Let me pipe down
For we start hitting
See I'm surrounded by stress,
Someone tryna put me to the test
I feel like I'm about to explode
At least maybe then I can rest
But then i think about job,
And I remember I'm blessed,
He lost everything that he had,
I ain't had to deal with no deaths
I get wrapped up in my own stuff so that I can't see
Everybody be stressed out, but im just focused on Me Me Me
Track Name: Dope (THC)
Now, I'm not ya regular rapper
I'm way more specialer factor
I turn fingers into snappers, these hands into clappers, and all of the beats into slappers
Enemies into mini me's now they calling me masta
Out of this world like I'm NASA
Reach out to the crowd like a pastor
And it's only one thing that I ask ya
Let me hear you Say aerial is dope
Aerial is what? dope (Dope)
OH, Aerial is dope
Now that's the kind of crowd that I want at my show

Everybody screaming and going loco
Listening to my song and repeating my flow
Feeling my WORDS any speed that they go
Whether its super fast or I bring it down slow
Sacramento repping that's the place that I'm from
these cats in the streets JUST want me To go dumb
I don't bite lips
And i dont hold tongues
on any tight beat
or any cold drums
So, I NEVER dumb it down KEEP it lyrical

Never change the moniker, still believe I'm the miracle

Always staying myself, humble and very spiritual

Keeping my thinking open, creative, and very critical

I say my style fresh, stayin far from the typical

Most rappers alike, im thinking its pitiful

Hip Hop is going down, my position is critical

Mistakes stay down, down to a minimal

Success at a pinnacle, prolly cuz i got the chemicals
I know the recipe to dopeness, it was in my umbilical
I was eating that all the way from the embryo

Now, I'm not ya regular rapper
I'm way more specialer factor
I turn fingers into snappers, these hands into clappers, and all of the beats into slappers
Enemies into mini me's now they calling me masta
Out of this world like I'm NASA
Reach out to the crowd like a pastor
And it's only one thing that I ask ya
Let me hear you Say aerial is dope
Aerial is what? dope (Dope)
OH, Aerial is dope
Now that's the kind of crowd that I want at my show

Energy way up, hostility way low
And They know whatever I say goes
Niggas get ya hands in the air like a robbery and all my girls get down on the floor
I don't space out but i aerial in
Got rhymes more tricky than a varial spin
Any rapper thinking he can step to me
This beat'll be the coffin that they bury you in
But; back to me and the name of my town
Sac town and you know i be holding it down
Can't tell I'm from Sacramento from the way that I sound
Cuz I'm too busy doing me to even hang with these clowns
I got every other rapper sad And hanging a frown
All because that I am dope and i am hanging around
I ain't going nowhere, I plant myself in the ground
Can't be uprooted and I'm too hot to burn down
Im making these rappers leave, see em disperse
Only time I'm saying timber when I'm dropping a Verse
Try to give em a heads up, I be telling em first
Dropping heavy verses when I drop it it hurts
Heh, Then I stand with a smirk
I got too much skill, I really think its a curse
I'm swelling up with this confidence, I think i might burst
Luckily I'm not cocky or this feeling would hurt
I know god got my back, I don't call that a perk
I just call it a blessing then I get back to work
God made me dope like a plant in the dirt,
I am THC, still got the smell on my shirt

Now, I'm not ya regular rapper
I'm way more specialer factor
I turn fingers into snappers, these hands into clappers, and all of the beats into slappers
Enemies into mini me's now they calling me masta
Out of this world like I'm NASA
Reach out to the crowd like a pastor
And it's only one thing that I ask ya
Let me hear you Say aerial is dope
Aerial is what? dope (Dope)
OH, Aerial is dope
Now that's the kind of crowd that I want at my show
Track Name: Check My Resume
Born and Raised in the 916,
Pay attention this the closest thing to a bio you gon get
Rapping since before I took the training wheels off my first whip
Sitting in my brothers room waiting for my turn to spit
Grew up a bit, started falling the chicks
But that game i couldn't kick, and that's when I picked up that Bic
Writing poems, making hits, About jawns I couldn't get, And now I got them tip even though I cant sing a lick
Cuz now I'm sick, All my verses quarantined, Wrecking everybody beat I hope you had a warranty
Spending hours in the booth, Compensate me accordingly
Actually Its a garage I'm spitting and Im recording me
Thats how much i love this I Treat the game with loyalty
Worship like its royalty hoping one day it spoils me
Though I know the game is tricky, more slippery than oil G

But they think I don't got it. Like these rappers gon Broil Me

But allow me to educate, They said I ain't ready, (You ain't ready) No effing way
I'm qualified, go head Hate, but for write me off Go and check my resume

Grinding Hard like everyday!
I was born for this here, Eff what they say!
I'm qualified, Go head Hate,
But fore you write me off go and check my resume!

Here's some evidence, I was groomed into excellence, Brother Tais as a Reference, Or ask my Homie Edison, Sick and aint no Medicine Memory of a elephant, Never forget the face or the taste of rappers irrelevant,
So stupid kids stop meddling,
I'm chemically superior, I feel it in my melanin, Start a cypher, Get the hype up, Then start wrecking it,
I don't try to, It's a cycle That pumps my adrenaline
They dinner, Still got some in my mandible
I ain't saying I'm cannibal, I'm just saying I'm animal,
Just ask Delilah I know that she has a camera full
Man I never get tired of it, maybe I'm mechanical
A robot or A cyborg,
But they don't see the passion, This music I would die for.
They think I should ease Up, I think they should try more
They be tryna freestyle, I think they should write more
Im a Hip hop scholar, still attending classes and yet to have made a dollar
Never begged for a shutout and never paid for a Holla
I just be going Grizzly, these rappers going Koala
But allow me to educate
They say I ain't did enough, no effing way
They powderpuff, I'm heavyweight
Man forget it it's all right here in my resume

Grinding Hard like everyday!
I was born for this here, Eff what they say!
I'm qualified, Go head Hate,
But fore you write me off go and check my resume!
Track Name: You Got It feat Josh Baker
Bad as a queen, not the type of girl you find in a magazine
1-10 she a 23, I love her looks and I love her personality
Now is she a dream girl or a fantasy
Just let me dream if I am asleep
Don't wake me up to reality
I'd rather be with her majesty
She the type of girl who's more than she seems
Worth more than her clutch And new earrings
Doesn't like compliments cuz she never believes
She calls it modesty i call it low self esteem
But it ain't her fault, I blame the exes
I blame the guys who just rushed in reckless
Blame the thieves, they ain't steal no necklace
They stole her heart and then they left her breathless
Fell in love, guess that's death wish
Even though we all call love precious
She let them in and they found the exit
Took heartbreak just to get the message
She made a promise, Then she kept it
Trust no more men, No exceptions
But since we're friends, she let me in
So now I'm here, to make corrections
You fine as hell, girl can't you tell,
Your legs and eyes got me mesmerized, I feel like I am under a spell
You got it, Don't know what it is got it, Your mind, your soul, and your body, Whatever it is girl you got it

Now that's enough, I know you like that romantic stuff
You be dreaming bout fairy tales,
But now you over here acting tough
I be saying you got everything,
you be saying that you lack that stuff
I be saying you got everything
Then you asking me "boy like what?"
Girl don't me started, that list is way too long
Don't know where to begin but if you got time then baby it's on
Your face is something thats beautiful,
Dig your hands from your palms to your cuticles
Your smile is my pick me up, and Your style Not the usual
Inside and out girl you're wonderful, You gotta be an angel
I've memorized your body shape, I know every curve and angle
I'm telling you that you're perfect from your hair down to your ankles
And if this ain't convincing you then don't be telling me thank you
Lips and eyes,
Hips and thighs,
It's no surprise,
Don't you know?
You got it,
don't know what it is but you got it,
Your mind your soul and your body,
Whatever it is you got it
Track Name: Agony feat Tracci
You were bad for me
Baby you were so bad for me
But you was I all I had you see
So I had to picture you like a masterpiece
Even though you was catastrophe
A disaster see
That's all you had for me
I thought you had love for me
But it turned out
that it was agony
You used to battle me
You went bad on me
You went ham on me
I let you do ya thang
My little boomerang
You would always leave and come back to me
And actually, now don't get mad at me
But I have to think
that was the disaster see
What if all the times I left?
You wasn't running after me?
Maybe if we woulda let go
Sooner than later
Then Later we'd know
We'd never work cuz we've been there before
We tried it legit and We tried on the low
I took you back when I shoulda said No
You held onto me when you shoulda let go
We gambled with love and now that we owe
I'm wondering where did you Go

Go, Just Go,
No Stay
please Stay, please
No go,

No Go

We never made up our minds
Go if you want
Stay if you like
They said we'd never work out
Maybe they're wrong
But Maybe they''re right

But i ain't searching for you
Prolly cuz I'm hurting from you
The tricks and games that you played were lame
Love was like a circus to you
You tried to run game and you cheated
Though it was you, you blamed it on me chick
Said if I hadn't been out with the homies
Then you wouldn't need him
But see baby the thing is,
When I planned on leaving,
You asked me to stay,
And what did I say?
I will if you leave him
But you didn't,
And I stayed,
I cried cuz I hurt,
I begged and I prayed,

But what goes around
Comes back around
I got with him
And he let me down
I cheated on you
He cheated on me
You came back to me
when You shoulda dipped out
I took you back
when I shoulda said No
You held onto me
when you shoulda let go
We gambled with love
and now that we owe

I'm wondering where did you Go
Track Name: Mercy
She's so much more than a pretty face
You may see a hottie, I see a body that needs embrace
I see a chick who's sickened, a timid victim of acts of hate
Her eyes they tell of story of something evil she can't escape
I reach out to help, but she pulls away
Words mean nothing, no matter what I say
She heard it all before, all men lie in their own way
One second they're perfection, until you sex em and then They fade
By man she has been hurt,
So by man she has broken, she has been frozen, she has been burnt
And a man is why she can't stand me, wont understand me, cuz I'm a jerk
In her eyes, I'm just a lie, same as the guys that got to her first
So a man is why she's so scared
That's why she think I don't care
Well that just isn't fair, but I left her lone and now when I'm home at night I say her a prayer uh,

Lord have mercy, I pray that I'm forgiving to anybody that hurts me
I pray you take my heart and then give it to someone worthy
I pray this so that nobody can hurt me, Mercy

I know a dude who had kinda been through the same thing
Lonely little Kid, Aint have a girlfriend til 18
Thought love was the secret to life so he had been waiting
Never knew what hell was like until he started dating
First love, But no love, She used him and confused him,
Cheated em him and mistreated him, Verbally she'd abuse him
Purposely she would do this cuz she know she'd never lose him
He was too scared to leave because when would he get a new one?
Is this what love is?
He's crying and he's dying,
But he been waiting on this
He was patient for this,
He was praying for this,
Is this what love is?
Cuz he's hating all this
Heart shattered, in his chest there's nothing there
Darkness, Heartless, Hate in the air
Regardless, He's a target, Demons waiting right there
Can't see another soul doomed to hell so I say him a prayer
Track Name: Conviction feat Brandon Dutka
I been feeling kinda crazy
Cuz of all this temptation
Always told me not to taste it
But I like the way it's tasting
Got my soul feeling down, but my flesh feel amazing
AAnd it's crazy
Cuz I know I really shouldn't but I just can't shake it
I been feeling kinda crazy
Cuz of all this temptation
Always told me not to taste it
But I like the way it's tasting
It's the attic or the basement
Is it Jesus
Is it satan
Cuz I know only one of them is waiting

I've a got a prediction, tonight, She'll ignore that conviction
That feeling of suspicion, that what you doin shouldn't be a tradition
But every weekend, without thinking, she put her morals in detention
Gets wasted, gets faded, and on Sunday prays for remission
and forgiveness but I get it,
I done been there before
The whole week has been so stressful, letting loose is what the weekends for
Bad day at work in the afternoon, getting high is what the evenings for
Everything inside tells you not to, but that's what the drinking's for
Lose them inhibitions, your code and any set of rules
Girl I see your plan tonight, find a guy and play him like a fool
Use him like a tool, it's alright he's cool
Everybody has the same plan
We can blame it all on the alcohol
So lets just stick to the game plan uh,
Night off from work
Perfect time to party and part the skirt
She gon hike it up if I spice it up,
I'll heat it up cuz I like to flirt ha,
And it might sound crazy,
But it's just crazy enough to work
Tonight I guess we sinning bad,
But tomorrow we'll be good in church
Forgive me for the wrong I've done and all my sins
I made mistakes, forgive me lord and all my friends
Is it sincere? Or is it all pretend?
Cuz a week from now, we gon do it all again!
Track Name: Level 10
Now Come on down this path with me
Taking your brain on a journey,
you don't need the extra ex or a bag of weed
All you gotta do is imagine see,
Imagine a place with no agony
I pour my mind in a cup,
Take 2 sips and don't it taste passiony?
Break my mind down, put it in a blunt
2 hits and you're gasping BREATHE
You're hooked on the feel,
Don't know what is real,
So much going on that you can't believe
But you cannot leave
You've seen such things that you can't unsee
Reality seems so so bland,
You have tasted a flow that makes ya soul hungry
Hungry for more so you can't go free,
I give it in a limit so you can't OD
Too much of this and you'll cease to exist
To the outsiders who just don't know me
But it's you only
Bring your homies so you won't be lonely
Invest in the best, cuz the pills you ingest kill stress, you should bet the bank on me
Popped an Avery you sweating,
Popped an Avery you sweating,
Popped an Avery, Now you feeling crazy, and it's only been a few seconds
That drum kicking like tekken
And that base beat rashad Evans
Add the melody and it's a felony
Cuz the beat is lethal like weapons
Now It's an addiction,
an affliction, you ain't fixing
Try and kick it but you'll never get it cuz your body made its decision
You need it can't live without it,
Try and think what you'd be without it
A nervous wreck, I wouldn't doubt it
Cold sweats when you dream about it
So just get used to the high
Warm up to it like you're using a fire
Think of all the things you can do in the sky
If you let loose and you let my juice get you fly
All these other dudes thinking they cool,
talking bout they spit new fire, that's what you should deny
They needing some help, yeah they feeling they self,
but that feeling how you end up losing an eye
And by now they can't see me,
Not in this rap game, I make it look easy
Blow past competition like I'm breezy,
Spitting up sickening bars and they queasy
Lyrical dope, got Fiends hoping for freebies
Can't disappoint em cuz they need me
All These lames be messing up the game
I kick em out the lab I'm dexter they Dee Dee
Genius flow im so damn smart
No survival for a rival, No mandarks
Legendary heat, I'm moltres to these magmars
Turning everywhere that I land Into a landmark
Better protect ya neck, you better stand guard
When I smell blood I turn into land shark
Enough hands to stand with any vanguard
Make a lame rapper lose his bladder and his man card

So the moral of the story dont act hard
On the mic Im a beast with a black heart
Gotta crazy flow and U Sane like a track star
Man I ain't mean to take it that far
But I'm saying what's a hater to a rap star
One line turn a diss to your last bar
Turn ya hate crimes and gang signs into fan art
Popped an Avery you tripping
Popped an Avery you tripping
Popped an Avery everything is hazy and it's only been a few minutes
Consciousness is now slipping
Your body starts to feel different
Common sense says its obvious
But that's gone along with your vision
try to hold on and you're slipping
Don't even know what you're gripping
Helplessly tryna catch yourself,
But It's safe to say that you're missing
Your mind has now begun drifting
Now peace comes as you listen
Some say that this is worse than death
But others say that's its living
Just Let go of reality
It's overrated if you asking me
Pain and sorrow like there's no tomorrow
In your dreams there's no casualties
Never ending, Zero limits
Don't that sound like a fallacy?
But no it's perfect, and it's worth it,
Grab a hold of your fantasies
You won't regret it, if you let this,
Music flow through your soul
Won't you let it fill every crevice
The goal is making you whole
I know you gotta be sick and tired
Of the things you can't control
Stress is building with all types of feelings
And you just wanna EXPLODE
Well that's what I came for
Saving the game with no wings or a halo
Cuz I'm still from the block like I'm J.Lo
See I'm good but I ain't no angel
When it's time to Emcee
I get a lil cold and i get a lil beast
Go into a Rage Black out on stage
Then wake up with rappers all in my teeth
Bones laying next to the microphone
And some blood stains on my sneaks
And unless these pricks just decided quit
Then it'll prolly happen next week
These rap dudes are pesky
They swear they kicking like Messi
They kick rhymes like they in a wheelchair,
But they swear they kick like Jet Li
That's when I get a little deadly
They upset me, when they test me,
Anyone thinking they can best me,
Gets crunched and this ain't no Nestlé
I'm the best in the game like Gretzky
More wild than a white boy on a jet ski
They might be lunch drink they blood like punch
So I guess that makes me Wesley
Popped an Avery you gone
Popped an Avery you gone
Popped an Avery everything is fading
Cuz it's now the end of song
It wasn't even that long,
If you're craving more then go on
Pop another pill cuz I know it feels
So right that it just can't be wrong
Track Name: Team Spirit
Whats up, my team up in here
And we came in to get it popping,
We the team of the year
I know it's drinks up In here,
So some one get to pouring
This the last time you gon see us
while the name ain't important
So let me introduce us,
Came a long way from being losers
We got rappers, And producers
We got troopers and shooters,
But that's not to threaten you,
I'm just representing my crew
And for those that can't be here now
know I ain't forgetting you
If you in my camp then stand up
If you with me throw your hands up
And if you know about the camp
Then I better get an answer
Are We in here?
Hell yeah?
Are we in here?
Hell yeah?
Is it true we ain't gon leave until win here?
Hell Yeah
Aite then,
Let me get Back to rapping
They call me Aerial and I came to get it cracking
I'm rapping with a passion,
I'm rapping cuz I'm bout that action
I'm rocking with my faction and that brings me satisfaction
My crew we taking over,
While you laying on your sofa,
You go take your days off,
We go in like we supposed to
My camp is filled with soldiers
And we rock out like some boulders
I do this for my squad bruh
Put my team up on my shoulders

The C.A.M.P
We in here like its a vacancy
Now we taking over it,
Repossession agency
I put on so you can't hang with me
You ain't on well then you can't bang with me
I ain't focused on these other rappers,
Tell em feel free to hate on me
Lyrically they just ain't on par
That don't stack up, not bar for bar
They talking like they all big stuff
I'm cracking up, hardy har
All they wanna do is party hard
I work hard so my team can
So I make sure my flow is nuts
Cashews, Pecan
Ball out like its the our season,
All year round,
No breaks, No time to wait,
I don't plan on slowing down
Hit the ground running, now my team coming, If you don't want it,
better get out the way then
Cuz we ain't got stop, til the next the song drop, and my hits be super like sayain
Or Sega, I'm off the wall like im vega
We the future like playstation 5
Our competition is pagers
We sick but we ain't contagious,
Yet they crowd us when rock out stages
Prolly cuz I'm dope and they way I flow make aquaman go "Outrageous"
Obviously we next up,
That sick, and we don't need a check up
All I'm tryna do is get my checks up,
I got some but I could use extra
I could tell they wanna wreck us
Prolly cuz we glide like drexler
Either that,
Or because we make more cuts than Morgan, dexter
Track Name: So Good
I done came a long way, gotta say it feels
To be that same kid that had no dreams,
Now growing up with some more self esteem
still Got some stains and some lint in my jeans
But it's all good cuz the kid still clean
A whole lot changed since I stepped on the scene
Like a list full of goals, and a fist full of dreams
Even got support from the fam and the team
And that just feels

Knowing somebody got your back
If you hit that stage and the fans don't clap
If you get no plays cuz your don't songs slap
When you wanna fall apart but they keep you in tact
See that's the real reason I rap
I got too many people behind me to slack
Too many people in dying need of a track
They fiend for dope songs, that's why I label it crack
And for the people who always said i was wack,
For those that I said I can't, consider this payback
Man, who woulda known revenge would feel

They say its a dish that's best when served cold
So I got some chill beats and spit some cold flows
And I still got plenty of goals left to go
But each one that i reach is another day in the snow
Turn on the AC and open the windows
I like to watch em shiver whenever the wind blows
That's how you mix injury with insult
See i Cut em deep then get lemon and salt
But now I feel bad, Let me give them some hope
So should I tell em it's cold or run and get em coat?

I'm chasing down my dreams, And Im on the right track
Im only going full speed, but am I coming right back?
I'm doing everything I should!
I'm headed towards my dreams and gotta say it feels

Chasing down my dreams gotta say it feels
Know I'm doing the right thing by the way it feels
Going step by step you should know it feels
No I ain't there yet but I hope it feels

But let's keep real sometimes it ain't
Like when the money's tight because rap don't pay
So i pick up hours and then work all day
I stress like how can I live this way?
On hot pockets and minimum wage?
I pray to God and then show my faith
He said don't quit, so I guess I'll wait
It'll all work out cuz God is just

I look to him for my guidance
He's my peace surrounded by violence
It's through him I learn to be righteous
When I can't think, It's him that starts writing
And if David knocked out Goliath
Then it's no question I'll triumph
And when I do Success will feel

When this new generation looks up to me
And I can look em in the eye and tell em it wasn't me
Only reason I'm in front of you is G.O.D.
And the family and the friends that knew I would succeed
So I just wanna do what they did for me
Instill belief and then plant the seed
Let everybody know exactly what you can be
When you work hard at it and reject defeat
I was told too many times that i never would lead
Said i was destined to fail, But I wouldn't concede
See I just wanna give em hope for a dream
I know I'm lucky, Not everybody has them a team
Some people think they gotta do it alone
So I'm just saying that it ain't what it seems

I'm chasing down my dreams, And Im on the right track
Im only going full speed, but am I coming right back?
I'm doing everything I should!
I'm headed towards my dreams and gotta say it feels
Track Name: Stuck In The 90's
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was
To the catch them is my test, to train them is my cause
If you know what show that's from then you are probably just like us
If you a 90's kid then show your tongue and say wazzup
What kind of song is this?
He be talking bout stupid ish
I ain't got time for this foolishness
Can't believe I ditched school for this
Was he talking about Pokemon?
Wow What's next yugioh?
First off shut your mouth,
The packs say ages 5&up
So HM5 and then lighten up
If you don't like what I'm writing bruh
You can HM01 and cut
Or we can get to that fighting stuff
If I was you I wouldn't try it bruh
First I'm faster then lightning
And my solar flare is Bright as UH!
This is just for the nerds and dorks in all of my classes
The ones that say "JINKIES I can't see without my glasses"
We're unique, and you're average
On the flip side like gymnastics
It's like y'all all are trash
And my team is Captain Planet
These are some of my habits
Like the crust cut off of my sandwich
I play with cards like I'm gambit
Eat a senzu bean when I'm damaged
Chill with jasmine in agrabah
She like to feel on my battle scars
Got a Real big vernacular
Cuz I word bend no avatar
Spit fire like magmar
Crush a beat like I'm reptar
I got little bit of a wildheart
And I'm unaffected by trap cards
Hell yeah I'm into yugioh, I know exactly how much a pack cost
I played marvel vs capcom and I always hated Blackheart
I'm a super nerd I'm a super dork, im a rapper and a church boy
I got my Pokemon on deck still, and my DS is turquoise
Naw you don't wanna battle me, I'm so good that it hurts boy
You bring your team to battle me and you'll have to rush to see nurse joy
Do or die like bedstuy
Been to tournaments in best buy
You see my swag Is extra fly
And I'm still waiting on X and Y
Swing wand leave you petrified
Grab a 100 coins get a extra life
A bugs life, no pesticide
And do tae-Bo for exercise
Get wild like thornberrys but I ain't talking no animals
Take a walk to a public pool and then jump in with that cannonball
Flow tricky like rocket power, Insane and radical
I ain't afraid of no death bro,
I get wished back with them dragonballs
Like Danny phantom I'm ghostly
Please don't approach me,
Cuz when you standing that closely
I uppercut and thats TOASTY
Y'all stupid and dopey
Slap yourself like Dobey
I'm a pro, I been doing this since number 8 was Kobe
Super sonic, No shadow, I always been a hero
Until you throw in that GTA, I'm a maniac with them cheat codes
On my Johnny quest with no speed boat
I'm Goku and You're evil
You bugging me like weevil
So when I find a brick, You're DEE-BO

It's the 90's
I'm watching my toonami
I'm watching all the rug rats
Give a big shout out to tommy
I'm watching power rangers and now I'm doing karate
Throw your hands up in the air if you remember the 90's!